BC Renewable Energy Statistics

(Based on 2014 Natural Resources Canada)

This is a short statistical overview of British Columbia’s position within Canada on renewable energy.

Hydroelectricity – BC was second in production in 2014. The first place went to Quebec. BC produced 15000 megawatts of hydroelectricity compared to 40000 in QC.

BC was the first in the use of Biomass – 827 megawatts in 2014 out of the 2043 megawatts total produced in Canada. It included wood waste, pulp and paper industry waste.

Several provinces in Canada announced goals for production of biofuel compared to regular gas and diesel. This included biofuel such as ethanol (made out of corn, wheat and barley) and biodiesel made of vegetable oil and animal fat.

The Federal and BC goals are 5% ethanol production compared to 100% of total gasoline. BC has a 4% goal in production of biodiesel.

Canada produced 1.4% of the world mass of the biofuel. US produced 41% and Brazil produced 23.6%. (Based on BP 2016 Energy Production Statistics)

BC was not mentioned in wind energy production, and there was only a short mention in geothermal energy production.