New Funding Provided by BC Hydro

We would like to encourage and promote energy efficiency and new technology development that would optimize and modify energy consumption.
In this blog we would like to let you know about the programs, subsidies, funding, new rules and regulations that can guide you in the market of energy efficiency.
In June 2016 BC Hydro announced the BC Hydro Commercial New Construction Program to subsidize energy efficient building construction or substantial renovations.
Unlike prior years when this program was oriented only towards electrical efficiency, this subsidy is for builders and developers who are creating the whole design from start to finish for energy and cost efficiency.
To be eligible the construction has to be located in BC, and at the conceptual/early design stage.
There are numerous technical specifications that you can find at this link.
Though Canada is far from being energy efficient based on the scoring of American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) (score 59/100), any attempt to improve energy efficiency should be supported and encouraged.