Steps to Energy Efficiency

Recently, one of my clients who owns and operates a solar power grid company made several attempts to introduce his project to the community, municipal leaders, investors and local businesses. Unfortunately, the tepid reaction and lack of support from the community made the project futile.
Here are some common barriers that prevent growth of green energy companies in the current BC market:
• No mass media advertising and education on the topic. The population is illiterate when it comes to green energy and energy efficiency.
• Not enough incentives for homebuilders and owners to use and implement energy efficient designs and models. Incentives should come from all levels of government, market participants and industry leaders.
• No mortgage and financing or tax credit structure oriented towards a green energy sector. Again, it should start at the top, at the federal level, and permeate all levels of financial and tax sectors of the country.
• Last, but probably the biggest hurdle – is the red tape and nomenclature of the public bodies that are supposed to distribute subsidies and support for energy efficiency projects. The process of applications, information collection, and levels of bureaucracy are often designed to kill any attempt to achieve your goal, and puts out the small flame of an initiative.
I do not expect a big shift in government policies any time soon. But I believe privately and at the industrial level, we can promote new growth.