You love what you do, and you’re good at it. As a master of your trade you need the perfect set of tools. You choose those tools very carefully; you look after them and you rely on them.

As a business owner or manager, you also need a great set of tools to measure how well your business is progressing, what angles to straighten, and what structures to improve.

After practicing our bookkeeping and accounting skills for over decade, and testing a variety of software and methods, we choose a perfect set for you. We will customize and adjust them pecifically for your needs.

We pride ourselves on what we do

Like a great piano tuner, we will tune up your books and let you play. We can teach you and your team to use them or we can operate them for you, so you can concentrate on building your business.


Accounting and Taxes

Besides having a great set of tools, you occasionally need to take a quiz and measure your progress against your budget or proposed cash flow. At these moments you need an accountant. Think of preparing taxes and financial statements as an investment in your continuing education. As soon as you take a quiz and write a paper (in this case your Financials), you will know where you stand. You can adjust your future course of development, pick another course or streamline.

Taxes are like school fees; not welcomed but needed. Some of us are subsidized and don’t need to pay. Some of us get grants. We will help you to minimize your taxes and help you improve your business.

Research and Development Tax Credit

Sometimes being good at something is not enough, and you also wish to make difference in life. Our goal is to help environmentally friendly, energy saving and technologically advanced companies build their businesses. We would like to be part of the global change to greener energy and a cleaner environment. Having technical staff as part of our team allows us to carefully select and assist projects that will qualify for the Science and Research Tax Credit.