Cloud Accounting

Accounting system setup

Whether you manage a retail or manufacturing company or you’re a solo professional, we will analyse your bookkeeping needs and provide the best set of tools tailored to those needs.

We will set up the books for you and train your team.

Xero consulting

One of the fastest growing cloud accounting systems on the market is Xero. Without prejudice, it is our favourite. With this system, all the functionalities available for professional bookkeepers combine with the simplicity and convenience suitable to a new entrepreneur. It allows businesses to integrate and collaborate on a variety of apps that suit their business. These apps include time tracking, receipt scanning and inventory count.

Accounting support and corporate financial analysis

With these amazing financial tools available, we are eager to use them! Our financial analysis helps you to get an overview of your company’s general health and determines areas that need your attention. We can help you create plans and navigate the patterns and changes of company growth.

Corporate and personal tax planning and filing

With over 10 years’ experience we provide high quality tax preparation services for small businesses and families. Our clients include construction, manufacturing and retail businesses, solo professionals, charities and non-profits. Collaborating with chartered accountants in the area, no task is too big or too small.


Our team of bookkeepers is simply the best. The ladies working on your files pride themselves on what they do, and they do it with love and passion. New ways of working bring new perspectives to the process and lots of fun. We automate as much of the data entry as possible. We involve you in the process by giving you full access to the reporting. You can monitor the process at any time.


Being one of the first independent providers of direct deposit payroll, we pride ourselves on our competitive rates, precision and speed of service. We will provide the full spectrum of payroll services for small and medium companies anywhere in Canada.

We will help you to minimize your taxes and help you find a way to improve your business

Cloud Accounting will improve your efficiency, increase collaboration and allow easy access to the information.