Canada has one of the highest tax incentives in the world – up to 35% of development costs – in support of Science Research and Experimental Development.

With the global increase in the speed of innovations and research, one of the first questions that arises is how to save on costs and maximize efficiencies of that process. The Research and Development process has stepped down from being an elite and marginalized economic segment, and has become part of an ever-advancing learning process. We see a demand for scientific research and development in all parts of economics and in every business. It has become part of our daily life. Considering this, today the new approach to developing innovation is to collaborate with other people in other sectors including accountants, entrepreneurs and academics.

Company leaders are looking for new and original approaches to capturing innovation. Science and research have spilled out of the SR&ED department into all parts of business and economic life.


We will meet with potential clients to facilitate a plan and a process for collaboration and consultations.

With your team we will develop the SR&ED application or, if you prefer, our team will collect the information and allow you to concentrate on your daily tasks while we produce the application. When presenting information to the CRA, it’s important to connect the dots as much as possible. Our tools help to clarify how tests and activities are connected to uncertainties, how documentation relates to the tests, and how costs are derived from the claimed activities. In some Requests for Information (RFIs), certain auditors ask claimants to organize tables linking uncertainties, advancements, tests and documentation. Our presentation capabilities make the information easier to understand.


We are committed to fair trade. Our rates cover our time plus a 5-10% commission based on the ITC refund. We make the process of SR&ED application as easy and seamless for you as possible.


Our consulting team will help educate you and your personnel on SR&ED requirements in regard to:

  • The application process
  • Eligibility of expenses and assets
  • Documentation requirements and tests
  • Stages of research and development

We can provide training “in-house” or manage consultations. Our goal is to help your company maximize the return on your investment.


We work with small and medium enterprises across British Columbia and Alberta. Companies that are pioneering green energy and clean technology are of great importance to us. We are committed to helping them do their vital work because we know our future depends on it.