Cutting-edge analytics and cloud-based infrastructure enable rapid deployment of new products and services. They also offer the ability to quickly learn from mistakes, and fix them.

Organizational agility is necessary to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving behaviour of digital consumers.

Digital leaders are well positioned for the future when using the power of mobile-social-cloud technology in conjunction with big data analytics. Together, these make organizations more agile.

For maximum effectiveness, our tools need to go beyond something that sits at the margins of the organization. Analysis of various incentives targeted at the technology industry, including R&D incentives, tax rulings and various grant programs, is crucial.

When presenting information to the CRA, it’s important to connect the dots as much as possible. Our tools help to clarify how tests and activities are connected to uncertainties, how documentation relates to the tests, and how costs are derived from the claimed activities. In some Requests for Information (RFIs), certain auditors ask claimants to organize tables linking uncertainties, advancements, tests and documentation. Our presentation capabilities make the information easier to understand.