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We help you reach your potential in growing your business.

Cloud Accounting

One of the fastest growing cloud accounting systems on the market is Xero.


With the amazing financial tools available to us, we are eager to use them!


Canada has one of the highest tax incentives in the world in support of SR&ED.

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Why Wharfhouse?

Dream Enterprise

Our goals are to create value for our customers, make a difference in people’s lives, change the world and create a better future.

Developing Innovations

We see a demand for scientific research and development in all parts of economics and in every business. It has become part of our daily life. Considering this, today a new approach for developing an innovation is to collaborate with other people in other sectors including accountants, entrepreneurs and academics. We will prepare your SR&ED application as a team collaborating with your staff and your partners.

Quality of Service

Our team of bookkeepers is simply the best. The professionals working on your files pride themselves on what they do, and they do it with love and passion.

Integrity and Ethics

One of the primary principals we adopt is to maintain and encourage integrity in relationship and work ethics.

Equality and Empowerment of Women

We inspire women working in our company to progress, learn new skills, and develop their capacity.

Decision Making Through Consultation

We encourage our employees and clients to participate in a decision making process, be a part of the development. Difference in opinions is welcomed and accepted. Variety of views allows us to take arising issues to a new level of understanding and find a better approach to their solution.