GST/ PST Filing

Document-Retrieval-ResearchNeed professional assistance with the filing of sales tax in Canada? At Wharfhouse Business Services, we provide accurate GST and PST filing service to self employed individuals and small businesses that are not well aware of the tax structure. Using the latest and efficient filing techniques, we handle your taxation worries. Our tax consultants enable you to pay and file federal and provincial business taxes.

Our team at WBS lets you remit payroll source deductions, make GST and PST payments and pay your corporate income tax to eligible recipients. With years of experience in the industry, we are the one you can rely on for all your taxation needs.

Simpler & Faster Way To Pay

Sales taxes (like those employed in the various Canadian provincial PST systems) are generally levied on the sale, or importation into a province, of tangible personal property, and a limited range of services for final consumption or use within a particular province. We specialize at:

  • Periodic GST Filing
  • Periodic HST Filing
  • Tax Remittances
  • Sales Tax Filing

Purchasers are generally required to pay PST at the time of purchase, unless the goods are purchased for resale or a specific exemption applies (e.g., basic groceries, books, and production equipment in some provinces). Persons bringing taxable goods into a province for their own use are generally required to self-assess and remit the applicable tax directly to the province.

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