Consulting & Advising

Skip-TracingIt’s not easy to start a new business as a lot of passion and experience goes into it, particularly keeping the current economy and competition in mind. The right financial advice and business planning advice can go a long way toward maximizing your chances of success and this is what we provide at Wharfhouse Business Services.

With years of experience, we provide each of our clients with one-on-one business and tax consultation via experts. Our team offers business consulting and financial advising along with answering all your questions around business and taxes. Our areas of expertise include the GST, PST, cloud bookkeeping, setting money aside for taxes, taxes for self-employed people, paying tax by installments, allowable business expenses and more.

What We Do?

Our professionals can take care of:

  • Managing your transactions and bills;
  • Managing your mail or email;
  • Managing financial or business accounts;
  • Recording income and expenses; and
  • Completing any mandatory tax and other filings.

We will report to you as often as you’d like and to any level of detail you desire. All of your deadlines will be carefully managed and this service will be seamlessly integrated with our personal tax planning service. We value communication and strive to be accessible at all times. We have processes in place to ensure that you can always reach us with any questions you may have about important aspects of your business.

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